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Nos especializamos en:

Tax, Business and Administrative Planning

Our purpose is to increase the profitability of your company. We have a Tax Planning specialist team.
TAX PLANNING consists of the assessment of alternatives and the choice of more convenient legal forms to reduce the tax impact on your company, making your business viable or turning it into a more profitable on.


We advise you from the very beginning of your entrepreneurial idea to lay down solid bases through planning and forecast to properly develop your business plan.
Definitely, starting a business is for adventurous people. We will be the guides accompanying you all along this adrenaline route, to focus on success, respond to uncertainty using clear action guidelines, decreasing operation risks and providing you with our experience and knowledge.


Given the demanded trustworthiness of the current business universe for reporting, we believe that relying upon a professional review of financial statements is essential when seeking credibility and transparency for users thereof. We focus on providing an Audit Service based on the process to identify improvement opportunities having a direct impact on the decrease in labor burden, the lessening of bureaucratization in administrative processes and the optimization of business outcomes.


We provide you ongoing training as part of the challenge arisen in our daily routine, for your work team to be up to the updates of applicable rules.
We provide tailored training on labor area, income tax withdrawals and accounting, including inflation-based adjustment.

Labor Accounting

Big challenges arise in this area which our team knows how to clearly overcome based on Agreements applicable to your business activity. The decrease of administrative burden vested upon your team depends on an organized and planned work. For such reason, Estudio FDX suggests you updated solutions and tools tailored to nowadays reality.


We advise our customers by identifying their business unit and regulatory setting to provide them with a proper tax treatment according to their profile. The tax system is constantly changing and demands a reactive and flexible accompaniment: our team of specialists is constantly on the alert and works together with our customers to make such accompaniment possible by ALWAYS optimizing their tax situation.


Tax Plannning

An incorrect tax planning may lead to an increase (sometimes a quite significant one) in costs. In some cases, taxes are one of the key aspects to take into account upon conducting a certain operation.

When carrying out tax planning, various aspects should be taken into account:

•  Selected legal structure: Corporation, Limited Liability Company, Simplified Stock Corporation, Trust or any other type.
•  In-force exemptions and reductions.
•  Promotion systems.
•  Inflationary effects.
•  Profit deferral possibility.
•  Leveling tax: It may neutralize some tax advantages.


It is worth highlighting that we are specialized on the auditing of Financial Statements for small and medium companies.

Additionally, audit procedures may be applied to carry out a review of a special area, for instance, an audit on payroll payment, stock control and processes, purchasing and payments, among others.
Finally, we conduct DUE DILIGENCE procedures on tax, labor and social security issues, consisting of a special audit in the case a company, a person or a group of people intend to acquire an existing company.

Labor Accounting

In our labor area, we render the following services:

Payroll payment.

• Settlement of payroll, social security contributions and related affidavits, taking into account various collective agreements and permanent updates.
• Calculation and determination of 4th-category income tax withdrawal.
• Personnel file administration.
• Preparation of labor union affidavits.
• Labor agreement advice.
• Preparation of book entries for registration of monthly obligations.
• Preparation of statistics and reports of Human Resources area.
• Preparation of paper or digital Wage Ledger.
• Final settlements, holidays and bonuses.


We interact with different agencies and also assist in inspections. We provide solutions on tax planning.
We optimize your tax situation.

We provide the following services:

•  Definition of most convenient tax profile.
•  Registrations and deregistrations before different inspection bodies.
•  National and provincial tax settlement.
•  Income and personal asset affidavits for individuals.
•  Information systems.
•  Tax compliance reviews.
•  Analysis of special cases.
•  Collection of tax credits and recoverable balances.
•  Tax reimbursements and exemptions.
•  Response to requirements and inspection assistance.

Consult us and we will find the best combination for your company.

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